Living in Malaysia

Living in Malaysia is fun. Strategically located in the heart of Southeast Asia, with easy accessibility to neighbouring regions within a 3 hours flight radius at most, and via land border travel for some, makes it an ideal retirement haven. Malaysia offers a smorgasbord of charming historical sites due to its rich colonial past, pristine islands and beaches which span from the Indian Ocean, the South China Sea up to the edges of the Pacific Ocean on the eastern tip of Sabah. Nature lovers can head to the many dense tropical jungles with rich flora and fauna comparable to that of the Amazon Jungle, and a substantial number of mountains, highlands and wetlands, lakes and rivers. The road network is extensive, so driving is a pleasant and
unforgettable experience. The rail and air transport infrastructures are equally superb.

Malaysians are multi-ethnic, warm and friendly. This diversity led to an endless variety of ethnic cuisines, specialty and fusion food widely available at fabulous restaurants, eclectic cafés and even at roadside stalls and makeshift eateries to satisfy your taste buds. You will be amazed at the low cost of food. A multitude of cultural and religious activities are celebrated, concerts, plays, exhibitions of various kinds and themes and sporting events are organized throughout the year, many of which are of international prestige and standards. Golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools and other sports facilities are easily available. Internet connectivity, cable TV network, Netflix and Amazon Prime also offer affordable subscription rates. World class telecommunication and e-hailing services for transport and food delivery are available throughout the country, made simple by downloading the applicable apps. First class medical facilities and health services are available in all major cities, run by efficient
qualified staff with well-equipped hospitals and clinics, at a lower cost compared to many other countries. There is also a complete range of financial banking services catering to both domestic and international customers as well as wealth management services to choose from, together with a healthy and robust stock market and other fintech products for the more financially savvy to invest and grow their wealth. You will be spoilt with choice!

Successful new applicants and the expats community can feel at ease and right at home once arrived here, as there are a significant number of existing expatriates from their countries already residing in this country. In some rare cases, expatriates’ “enclaves” even exist at certain places where they prefer to congregate and socialize with their fellow countrymen. The widely available publications and other forms of linkages for new arrivals enable them to tap for additional information and useful tips before, during and after relocation. The Malaysian Government has seek to continuously improve and update this programme, to ensure its success. Feedback channels are available through various mechanism. English is widely spoken here, as are other major languages such as Malay, Mandarin and regional languages and dialects. Welcome to Malaysia, we want you to feel at home, away from home!