Settling down in Malaysia for various reasons, warrants the need for a proper living space, that satisfy both your needs and lifestyles.

Restrictions do apply for foreign ownership of property where foreigners can own any type of properties except landed property, auction properties, agricultural lands, properties valued less than RM1 million in most major states, properties built on Malay reserve land, etc, all of which is covered by Malaysia’s Guidelines on the Acquisition of Properties as outlined in the National Land Code 1965. Foreigners, however, are allowed to hold property on leasehold basis for certain years, permissible ownership of properties with 2 or more individual for family residences and almost no restriction to purchase unrestricted properties in any state under the PVIP program.

We will guide you on the costs involved which include the stamp duties, legal fees, taxes, maintenance fee and other minor costs, and assistance on documentation needed for these purchases.